Tennis in Mundo Nobo

The very independent Luaztania Carolina has been practicing tennis at Mundo Nobo Tennis Club for the past 6 years. Aside from being a sport...

Creativity and Unity Amidst Financial Challenges

We've been reading in newspapers and on the news how much the COVID-19 outbreak has affected the local economy. Therefore, we thought it important...

Youngsters give a helping hand

Quito Rosheuvel and Steije Sjoerdsma, two of the Voedselbank Curacao's youngest volunteers, gave us a very special behind the scenes tour last week. They...

Curacao Youth Tumba King on his song and preparation process

With only two weeks left until the first Karnaval parade, we interviewed Chrysander Leonora; Rei di Tumba Hubenil 2020 (King of Children’s Tumba). We...

Youngsters at Curacao Baseball Week

Youngsters talked about their expectations and experiences of the Curacao Baseball Week 2020. This is the 7th edition of the event and each year...

30 years Children’s rights celebrated

On November 20th we celebrated 30 years of children rights. That is why Kids correspondent organized the second Maduro Luncheon and had more than...

Children’s Museum Curacao accessible for kids on all levels of Society.

The Sint Dominicus Scouting group is one of the more than 40 groups that visited Childrens Museum Curacao thanks to the Museum for all...

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