Young Wisdom Moment with Shanna Wouters

We're back with another Young Wisdom Moment this time with Liberal Arts & Sciences student Shanna Wouters. This 18 year-old recently moved to the...

The 17 Year-Old Soccer Coach

We caught up with Riesmarley Tokaay during the Favela Street workshops this month. This young soccer coach is most definitely one of the program's...

Autism: A Life of Hopes and Dreams

For 19 year-old Errin Dorand living with autism is great. He isn't aware of the fact he's different than others most of the time....

Young Wisdom Moment

Recently graduated Juensly Anita is set to embark on the next chapter in his life. He leaves for the Netherlands in August to study...

A youngster coping with Trauma

As parents, all you want to do is protect your children from traumatic experiences. Society as a whole should take on a collective responsibility...

Tennis in Mundo Nobo

The very independent Luaztania Carolina has been practicing tennis at Mundo Nobo Tennis Club for the past 6 years. Aside from being a sport...

Creativity and Unity Amidst Financial Challenges

We've been reading in newspapers and on the news how much the COVID-19 outbreak has affected the local economy. Therefore, we thought it important...

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