Kids Correspondent had a Maduro Meal on George Maduro’s Birthday


Kids Correspondent organized the first Maduro Meal last Monday on July 15th. This date is a very special day because it is the birthday of George Maduro one of Curacao’s hero’s. In honor of him, the kids talked with adults during the luncheon about being a hero in your community and much more. The major of Madurodam, the foundation founded by George Maduro’s family, even send us a video message for the occasion. To make the event even more special it was held in what used to be George Maduro’s house which is now the office of the representation of the Dutch government in Curacao. It is the desire to organise more Maduro meals in the near future featuring other hero’s from the island in all shapes and forms.

Kids Correspondent would like to thank all the Children and Adults that helped make this event special.


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